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Support the Bost Industrial Park (BIP) in Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Project: Support the Bost Industrial Park (BIP) in Helmand Province, Afghanistan
Completion Date: 2010
Client: Coffey International Development
Services Provided: Master planning; Infrastructure requirement; Industrial park design; Costings; Operational guidelines.

Project Description

Helmand Province is in South-west Afghanistan bordering Pakistan, and has a population of 750,000. Bost with a population of 50,000 is the capital. Helmand Province accounts for about half the world’s opium production. The British Government through Coffey International Development is trying to develop a basic industrial/business park facility on a site adjoining the Bost airfield. Coffey International requested SIDC to provide advice and guidance on some of the technical aspects of industrial park design and development based on SIDC’s worldwide experience with industrial park development generally and SME development in particular. SIDC provided an overall master plan for the park based on information provided by Coffey and some indicative costings based on worldwide experience. This included guidance on infrastructure services as well as building design, planning guidelines and operational details.