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Strategic Plan for the Long Term Development of Existing Free Zones in Croatia

Project: Strategic Plan for the Long Term Development of Existing Free Zones in Croatia
Completion Date: 2007
Client: Ministry of Finance, Croatia
Project Value: €2,000,000
Services Provided: Assist in overall project planning and implementation; Review of relevant free zone developments and models of best practise worldwide; National and regional free zone; Innovation, SME policy support; Analysis of the national development plan, Review of EU free zone legislation to bring the Croatian legal framework in line; Examine export orientated investment into Croatia; Marketing study and demand analysis; SWOT analysis; Institutional strengthening; Training needs analysis; Training and seminars and Pilot projects.

Project Description

Currently there are 15 free zones in Croatia. In light of Croatia’s current status as a candidate country seeking to join the European Union, this project aims were to increase the flow of foreign investment and new technology into the zones. Through interaction between the zones and the rest of the economy, the benefits would flow through the economy. 

The purpose of this project was to formulate a long term development plan that would provide the basis for the transformation of the zones into a dynamic force for attractive new investment and technology.

The project would also:

  • Develop proposals to bring the laws, regulations and procedures governing Croatia’s zones into line with EU regulations and practises;
  • Create local partnerships that will be responsible for implementing zone development plans and strategies;
  • Provide appropriate training for key personnel;
  • Formulate and implement a pilot plan in selected free zones.