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Proposed World Yeats Centre, Sligo

Project: Proposed World Yeats Centre, Sligo
Completion Date: 2016
Client: WYC Implementation Committee
Services Provided: Feasibility Study.

Project Description

A Private/Public partnership group in Sligo plan to develop a new World Yeats Centre in the town. Having completed an initial feasibility study in 2014, the group wanted to identify the best location in the town for the project. Among the tasks completed for the project were:

  • Development of a site/location profile that includes a matrix and weighting for the site selection process;
  • Against this profile identify and agree with the stakeholders all suitable sites/locations within Sligo City that will best serve the public and the facility itself;
  • Assess the suitability of up to three selected sites/locations from an infrastructural and business development perspective;
  • Determine the estimated costs of developing the selected sites/locations to be ready for construction.