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PDR Development Initiative, Laos

Project: PDR Development Initiative, Laos
Completion Date: 2002
Client: Ministry of Trade and Industry, Laos
Services Provided: Review of the Government’s plan to develop industrial estates and related facilities at selected locations; Identify the potential benefits; Evaluate the potential socio-economic impact of various developments; Comment on the draft decree on industrial zones and Conduct a workshop on industrial zones.

Project Description

The review and recommendations on the development of industrial land in Lao PDR is part of a wider UNIDO sponsored Integrated Programme (IP) to foster economic activities in Lao PDR. The IP for Lao PDR is geared towards the promotion of manufacturing activity as a means to alleviate the persistent trade deficit of the country.

The main duties in the assignment are to:

  • Review of the government’s programme for industrial estates, export processing zones (EPZs), and special economic zones (SEZs) from the viewpoint of its potential to facilitate manufacturing activity; export oriented processing and regional development;
  • Distinguish in doing so the potential benefits that stem from physical infrastructures, other possible synergies in the firm’s production function such as joint human resource development programmes and the administrative and policy incentives extended by the government;
  • Draw conclusions on the likely socioeconomic impact of dedicated production sites, and if warranted, formulate recommendations aimed at their further development;
  • Comment on the draft Prime Minister’s Decree on industrial zones;
  • Conduct a workshop on industrial zones.