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Regional Reform Capacity Building – Regional Direct Foreign Investment Strategy, Russia

Project: Regional Reform Capacity Building – Regional Direct Foreign Investment Strategy, Russia
Completion Date: 2005
Client: Ministry for Economy Development and Trade – Pilot Region, Novogorod Oblast
Project Value: €2.4m est.
Services Provided: Assist in overall project planning and implementation; Preparation of regional investment strategy in EU style OP format; Preparation and delivery of DFI training to representatives from the Ministry (MOEDT) and the regions on the topics of regional investment and regional competitiveness; Preparation of policy papers on: The application of public property as an incentive for DFI; Practical approaches in achieving regional competitiveness, Identify the most suitable locations for site development; Propose a regional industrial park development strategy and Present the conclusions and recommendations at a series of seminars throughout the region.

Project Description

SIDC completed this project component in collaboration with Thales, France and Regionomica, Germany. SIDC was appointed to complete the tasks in this project relating to the creation of a platform for institutional building and investment improvements, based on recommendations for investment policy in the pilot region of Novgorod in NW Russian Federation. The focus of work in the other two pilot regions was Regional Innovation in Marie El and regional competitiveness in Tambov.

In the Novgorod Region, the preparation of the regional investment strategy was elaborated in the form of a standard EU type operational programme for regional investment. The assistance was designed to support the Ministry of Economy Development and Trade (MOETD) in the effective implementation of regional reforms and to facilitate the works of the administrations in the pilot regions and to harmonise their development programmes with Federal reforms.