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Three Pilot Region Disaster Programme (Regional Tourism Study), Russia - EU TACIS

Project: Three Pilot Region Disaster Programme (Regional Tourism Study), Russia - EU TACIS
Completion Date: 2003
Client: Ministry for the Economy via EU TACIS
Project Value: €2.5m est.
Services Provided: Analysis of existing and proposed regional tourism development strategy; Participation at regional tourism conferences for local partners throughout the region providing: Update on current tourism trends; Achieving regional advantage in tourism; Presenting specific tourism case studies from within the EU; Analysis of generic tourism training needs; Outline of EU tourism training programmes at various levels. Prepare guidelines for the completion and delivery of proposed integrated sustainable regional tourism plans and Participate in tourism conference and exhibition and present papers on tourism market research; Skills training; Tourism investment and the Roles of the private and public sector.

Project Description

In collaboration with ABU Consult, Berlin, a SIDC tourism specialist completed a study on regional tourism development – including analysis and evaluation of the existing tourism product in the region. The assignment also included selective training workshops on tourism marketing; tourism marketing; tourism product development; tourism investment; and training needs analysis; as part of the task of creating a strategic tourism development framework.

The consultant also participated in a major regional tourism promotion or exhibition and completed an analysis of the product being promoted by various local and regional tourism interests. He completed a number of conference presentations held in conjunction with the tourism exhibition in Vologda. He made proposals for more tourism market research, skills training and education, to attract increased levels of investment and to consider the role of the public sector and the private sector in tourism development.