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Opportunity Analysis of Red Sea Foundation, Saudi Arabia

Project: Opportunity Analysis of Red Sea Foundation, Saudi Arabia
Completion Date: 2015
Client: Red Sea Foundation (King Abdullah Economic City)
Services Provided: Provision of advice and guidance in clarifying the project; Market and country analysis; Strategic analysis of obstacles and opportunities and Slide-deck creation.

Project Description

The Red Sea Foundation is a new organisation charged with the promotion and development of strategic trade, foreign investment, and growth in the Red Sea Region. The foundation incorporates twenty countries with the objectives to:

  • Promote the Red Sea Region as a critical global marine trade route and the fastest growing emerging market (competing only with China and India);
  • Promote trade and trade facilitation amongst Red Sea Region countries;
  • Develop the regions logistics, trade infrastructure and capabilities;
  • Promote foreign investment to member countries;
  • Promote ties and cooperation amongst leaders in region counties in government, business and civic society.


We were approached by King Abdullah Economic City, on behalf of the Red Sea Foundation, to research and analyse the opportunity created by the Red Sea Foundation. This included:

  • Background & Purpose of the Red Sea Foundation; 
  • Overview of the current trade situation;
  • Obstacles limiting trade progress;
  • The scale of the potential opportunity;
  •  Areas for Action.